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It's Monday, the 7th and the Final Payment Due Date for all items and animal adoptions is Saturday, the 12th.

Until then, ALL items unsold are still open, including the Bidding Items located here:
All Open Bidding Items are now "First One-First Won" meaning that for AT LEAST a donation of $10 (unless otherwise noted as being lower), the item is yours if your email reaches me first. The original "First One-First Won" items that remain open are available for the price set by the individual who donated it/them.

Same goes for the Special Donated Items & Make A Wish Items which can be found here:

Animals remain available for adoption up to October 12th as well!!

Please remember if you take any of the open items, and plan to pay by check, please do so PRIOR to October 12th so your check will reach the Zoo BY that date. Paypals can be done ON the 12th!

FINAL NOTE: Now is the time to double check the site and all pages if you've won, taken, granted a wish, adopted an animal AND PAID. If I've received:
A) A copy of your PAYPAL, or
B) Both your email with check number and info AND confirmation from the Zoo of receipt of same
then your name will be GREEN.

If you've paid but your name is still RED, email me ASAP.

In addition, if you won one of the GMOH calendars or the PHOTO, or any of the items offered by Marj for Garett's signature at GMOH, and you're paying and sending me proof, DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS - or else no CALENDAR or PHOTO or OTHER won items signed by Garett!!!

Thank you, and in the next couple of days, I'll be continuing the Connect Notices AND sending out a notice announcing the "tentative" monies raised during our 10th Anniversary Moonridge Auction and Animal Adoption!
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