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We're three days into our 10th ANNIVERSARY MOONRIDGE AUCTION and have several new items just added to our Donated Items page (!!!

And don't forget the ANIMALS ( who need YOU! So far, only TWO people have adopted any animals (Scotland, you're way ahead of the rest of the world on adopting animals!)

In addition, if you think our First One-First Won items are all gone, guess again! We have EIGHTEEN (18) items out of 26 still AVAILABLE!

If you need to see any of the items 'close up' as opposed to the small versions up on the page, just email aly.

We have some spectacular items up, including many hand-made or embellished items, like scarves/cowls etc from Audrey (Mrs. Sweetpeach) and several great sweat shirts/t-shirts beautifully embellished by Spacecat!

As for Memorabilia, we have autographed photos and several items put up by Marj that will be personalized by Garett while Marj attends GMOH on the 21st or 22nd!!! These are HOT items! We also have several fantastic ZINE offerings as well, and of course, STORIES.

And don't forget to check EVERY day as new items are being added continually AND you can check the BIDDING! The page is updated every day between 4pm PST and 'god knows when', so if you're checking at that time, the page won't show new items or bids, which means you need to keep refreshing the page.


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