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I'm passing this on for Aly.

::Please pass this on to all interested parties::


Due to the small number of donations for our 10th Anniversary Online "Auction for Moonridge in Garett's Name", the Moonies and I have talked over several options. One option was to move the auction later in September; one option was to cancel everything but the Animal Adoption, and another option, based on the fourteen (14) wonderful fans who have donated items, was to run an abbreviated version alongside the Animal Adoptions.

The decision has been made. We will begin the Animal Adoptions on September 7th and, at the same time, you'll be able to 'bid', 'donate' or 'grant a wish' for however many items we finally end up with by the 7th. All fourteen donators agreed to keep their items available for THIS year.

On Saturday, August 31st, all animals and donated items will be available to view at the GMFOR_MOONRIDGE site (link to be provided soon) and, one week later, the Benefit will begin.

I realize that many fans may be a bit saddened that we've had no news on the fate of the Zoo, let alone any Sentinel Day - but allow me to reassure you - this is NOT the fault of the Zoo or Garett. They're undergoing many changes, still in flux while waiting for word on when they can break ground (I know, it's been YEARS - but this is a HUGE project, fellow fans, and the delays are natural), and all this while still running the Zoo, raising funds for both NOW and the future, and rescuing animals. In addition, they've suffered several animal losses, which is always difficult.

But please continue to believe in the Zoo (whether you continue to call it the Moonridge Animal Park or by its new name; The Big Bear Alpine Zoo), in Garett's commitment, and the Zoo's absolute LOVE and GRATITUDE for the Sentinel Fans!

The Welcome Page at the GMFOR_MOONRIDGE has been updated, so please check it out here:

Thank YOU!


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