Sep. 8th, 2013

arianna: (HUH?)
Well, new several hours ago but my service provider's server from hell hardly ever connects to the net anymore. I can only hope this link will last enough to post this, in the event you've not already seen it!


REMINDER: There is a new procedure for BIDDING on items this year that would normally be found at site - but because that site seems to be BROKEN - we can't use it. TO FIND OUT HOW THE NEW PROCEDURE IS WORKING, GO HERE: OR
HERE: (the page showing all DONATED ITEMS including those you will be bidding on).

IN ADDITION: The entire GMFOR_MOONRIDGE site has been corrected to remove mention of thefreeauction site (other than announcing its lack of viability) and almost every page has the same announcement about the CHANGE IN PROCEDURE FOR BIDDING.

Furthermore, the LINKS on the LEFT side of every page now include the FAQ, DEFINITIONS, DONATED ITEMS and ANIMAL ADOPTIONS for this year.

You should have no difficulty navigating or finding what you need - I HOPE. If you do, please email ALY at

I'd also like to welcome two new members of the MOONIES (those wonderful ladies who pass on all these announcements to groups I may not belong):

REMEMBER: THE AUCTION IS ON, WE'VE STARTED, and already items are gone from the FIRST ONE-FIRST WON page, so check the site daily to see what's been ADDED and what's been sold or SOLD OUT. And of course, check every day to see who has the highest bid on items you want.

And finally, don't forget the PROXY BIDDER! That's the person YOU delegate to BID for you (by sending an email to ALY per the new instructions on every page) if you're NOT going to be available to bid before 12:00 MIDNIGHT ON THE 21st of SEPTEMBER!!! GMOH ATTENDEES - I"M TALKING TO YOU TOO! :)

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