Jan. 3rd, 2013

arianna: (Smile)
and one more to go! Oh, my, how I long for the days when stories seemed to write themselves. This one has been over a year in the making! I'm so glad to have finally been able to send both gen and slash versions off to the very patient and generous donors. My gratitude also goes to Helvetica, for her gorgeous artwork, to Janet, for allowing me to use a piece Helvetica did for her, and to Alyjude, for the beautiful, evocative cover art.

I dearly hope the recipients will enjoy the story, all 120 pages of it! ::grins;: In a month or so, I'll see if I can figure out how to upload it to AO3, and remember how to post to Rhianne's hidden-muse site. And I'll send the gen version to Starfox, for her Mansion.

I sure hope the next story will take a lot less time!
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