Aug. 14th, 2013

arianna: (Ghost)
Hey, after posting Aly's note about this year's auction, I feel compelled to offer an update on where I am with the story I still owe to many very generous donors from last year. As some of you know, one story was finished and was sent to the donors, but hasn't yet been posted; I've not finished updating the gen and slash versions following StarWatcher's excellent and extremely thorough beta. It will take time to do the edits and I've not been able to focus on that work until I fulfil my commitment for the second story.

The good news is, I'm up to page 50 on this second story, entitled 'Minstrel Boy'. I think it's about two thirds done at this point so there's hope that it might actually be finished before this next auction is finished. I'll do my best to get it out by mid September, if not sooner.

Much as I'd like to offer a story in the coming auction, particularly the fourth and final installment in Bitterwood Creek, I no longer have confidence in being able to 'write to order'. The muse has proven to be too unreliable, I'm sorry to say, and has been increasingly recalcitrant over the past few years.

I'm very grateful to all of you -- you know who you are! -- for your patience.
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