Sep. 3rd, 2013

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I don't know who I'm more pissed with, the network or the producers. The show had a pretty good and very loyal following, was generally well done and had engaging characters and okay story lines. They had the perfect opportunity for a great happy ending wrap up with the final ep, everything in place, just perfect, but no, no, they have to gun down the lead actor making him perhaps fatally late for his own wedding. Because now we'll never know, right? Stupid rotten producers, doing a cliffhanger like this when they didn't know the show would be renewed. I could just smack them so hard. They could at least film a different ending and reshow the last ep with the wrap up at the wedding. God, makes me feel absolutely sick. Yes, yes, I know these are just characters. Like Iolaus was just a character, and Blair was just a character. But dammit, my right brain doesn't understand they aren't real. My right brain just knows it loves them and now it feels really, really bad. Even to weeping ....

I hate networks and I hate tv and I may stop watching again, like I did for 5 years when they killed off Iolaus. This is just totally unacceptable.
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This is a link to sign a petition to encourage the network to either renew the series (not much hope) or at least do a 2 hour tv movie or 2-3 mini series to wrap this show up. It could have had the perfect ending but the producers let it wrap with a hideous cliffhanger that will now never be resolved. This is casual cruelty for the show's cast and crew as well as for the loyal viewers. If this is how A&E rewards loyalty, then maybe they can do without mine and around 4 million other people who tuned in to this show each week. If you agree that this is no way to end a show, no way to treat viewers or the show itself, then I hope you'll sign the petition at the url below, and I hope you'll pass this link on to encourage others to sign as well.
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