Apr. 25th, 2013

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Posting the latest information provided by Alyjude:

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Dear TS fans,

The first BIG BEAR ALPINE ZOO (formerly Moonridge Animal Park) Online Auction UPDATE is HERE!

Yep, fellow senfen, it's that time of year again; the time when minds run to thoughts of our annual online Auction!


This year will be a different. As you read this, the Board of Supervisors are perusing the paperwork on building the new zoo and when they've approved it, the date for a planned groundbreaking ceremony will be set. What does that mean for us?

Simple: It means that for now, we'll run ONLY the Animal Adoptions - beginning May 25th and ending June 1st - *but* when the zoo gives me the ceremony date, we'll run the regular auction (minus the Animal Adoption) so for the ceremony, the zoo will have all the raised monies for announcement! Simple, eh?

So mark May 25th on your calendar and as soon as I have the animals that are up for adoption this year, I'll post them at the GMFOR_MOONRIDGE (http://gmfor-moonridge.livejournal.com/) site for your consideration and decision making (oh, dear, I want to adopt them all!). We won't use the website until auction time.

In addition, the new FAQ at the above site will be up in a few days as well - and yes, you'll need to READ it - as in actually READ it - because there WILL be new information and MAJOR changes in how both the Adoptions and auction will be handled.

And for an extra bit of good news: The zoo is planning to resurrect Sentinel Day in 2014!! That will also be our LAST regular auction. The final auction will be the BIG ONE (in 2015); the one where we present the zoo with our largest contribution ever, just in time for the Grand Opening - and before you ask: YES, Garett has committed to Sentinel Day and the Grand Opening. Not sure about the Groundbreaking Ceremony at this point - since the date is up in the air (tentatively scheduled for Fall).

If you have any questions, EMAIL ME AT: alysideburns@gmail.com


Thank you
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